The primary definition of “icon” is a painting of the Christ or other holy figure used as an aid to devotion. The secondary definition of “icon” is a person or thing who is regarded as a symbol of something.

The following pages are about my design icons: images of objects or buildings that I use as aids in discussing architecture and are symbolic of the kind of design to which I strive.  I find using icons to be a convenient way to open up discussions about design issues with non-architects and as a kind of short hand when talking about design issues with other architects and designers.

My list of icons is fluid, evolving and idiosyncratic.

Villa Savoye (Le Corbusier, 1928-31)

Citroen CV2

Swiss Army Knife

Maison de Verre (Pierre Chareau, 1928-32)

Rietveld-Schroder Haus (Gerritt Thomas Rietveldt, 1924)